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We offer an overall, discretionary or advisory asset management service to our clients who wish to maximise their portfolio profitability. This is drawn up to meet their objectives, their financial capacity, personal situation and investor personality.

  • Discretionary wealth management: we take responsibility for total portfolio management from defining the investment strategy to reporting via the selection of investment vehicles, risk management and investment decisions.

  • Advisory wealth management: our clients benefit from the same services as for discretionary wealth management services, whilst retaining responsibility for actual investment decisions.


    We assist and advise, on request, experienced investors who wish to make use of our expertise, whilst making their own investment decisions among an optimal selection of investments that meet their objectives:

  • Clients with mandates dedicated to specific assets (hedge funds, structured bond mandates, etc.).

  • Investors without mandates seeking expert advice on certain classes of assets or specific types of investments (private equity, club deals, etc.).