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SEPTEM is held by a sole shareholder. As a manager of risk-bearing assets, shares and bonds in an international environment for 12 years on behalf of banks such as HSBC, Paribas, BNP Paribas and Banque Privée Indosuez, his in-depth knowledge of markets is now available to you.

The financial management strategies proposed by SEPTEM INVESTMENT are fully encompassed within the overall, professional, personal and family assets.

Through working closely with its partners and clients, SEPTEM INVESTMENT has been able to include wealth management and financial supervision in its activities.

SEPTEM INVESTMENT offers support to families wishing to perpetuate their assets across generations by helping them to reflect on corporate governance and the independent supervision of financial assets, and to assist them in discussions with specialised contacts (legal and independent financial advisors or private wealth management).




SEPTEM INVESTMENT does not limit its partnerships to large banks only. We systematically select the best-suited depository institution and management company according to each situation.



The founder of Septem, Gregori Coudert, is a graduate of the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF) and Toulouse Business School and holds an MBA from Bradford University in the UK after having commenced training in the USA.
In 2012, he started Septem Investment based on over 15 years’ experience in international financial markets acquired whilst working in the largest banks in London and Paris.
A lover of art and sport, he has three children and gives genuine and utmost consideration to the protection and transfer of private and professional wealth


This book is a practical tool which enables you to follow investments on the stock exchange and understand the relationship between external events and fluctuations in financial markets. It retraces chronologically economic trends and incidents that have impacted world markets during the last twenty years.

This book is aimed at students, persons who wish to know more about financial markets and financial sector professionals. Students will learn about the broad economic patterns which are essential to know about and their influence on financial markets. Individuals will be able to better understand and synthesise past events that have impacted their investments. Lastly, financial sector professionals will find a certain interest in revisiting these happy or difficult periods which they will have experienced. This book also presents them with methodical assistance regarding past economical events that tend to be forgotten.